How does the Ion Gel ZCM-25® work?
It provides micro-nutritional and anti-inflammatory benefits to enhance regeneration. It increases antioxidant effects by reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS), improving wound healing, decreasing healing time, reducing skin pH, and providing antimicrobial effects.
How is Ion Gel ZCM-25® used?
Using the cone tip dispenser and a surgical glove, liberally and evenly apply a coating approximately 0.50 mm thick of Ion Gel ZCM-25® around an open wound, with a margin of 10.00 mm away from the wound; or directly on the wound, only if it is closed, or with a scab.

Do not use a metal applicator or allow Ion Gel ZCM-25® to contact any type of metal.
Do not wear latex gloves to apply Ion Gel ZMC-25® or allow it to come in contact with latex.
Allow the formula to naturally absorb into the skin; it is unnecessary to "rub" it into the skin; it should be completely absorbed within 2 minutes.

Review the Ion Gel ZCM-25 Use Manual
What are the benefits of using Ion Gel ZCM-25®?
Biocide, easy application, does not require hospitalization for administration, lower incidence of hospitalization, lower risk of hospital-acquired infection, and low cellular toxicity. It has a low molecular weight transport system providing deep tissue penetration through the skin that provides polarity movement to the target.

Reduces oxidative stress and helps heal wounds. Multiple certified clinical studies and tests carried out on the product scientifically support its antibacterial activity (including tests with multi-resistant strains), antifungal, antibiofilm, and virucidal activity shown against SARS-CoV-2 strains.
Does the Ion Gel ZCM-25® contain antibiotics or steroids?
No, the Ion Gel ZCM-25® does not contain any antibiotics or steroids; its advantage over the use of antibiotics is that it does not generate resistance.
What uses can the Ion Gel ZCM-25® have?
The product is used clinically as a topical antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antibiofilm, healing, and tissue regeneration aid.
What is Ion Gel ZCM-25®?
The Ion Gel ZCM-25® is a Medical Device (Class II) formulated in a topical pharmaceutical transport mechanism. Its formula contains the active ingredient ION-ZCM1, an ionic amine solution based on cationic bonds through a patented ligand system of Hexa-aqua cationic metals of Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium within an ionic salt of sulfur and hydrogen.
How do I store it?
Store this product out of direct sunlight at 5º to 32º Celsius (40 F - 90 F). Close the storage container with its lid again after each use.
What precautions and contraindications exist in its use?
Do not use this formula if you are pregnant or in children under two years of age. Consult your doctor about all children under 18 years of age. You may experience a slight burning or stinging sensation that is normal and related to the way it works.

With regular use, this feeling may disappear. Do not apply heat to the area immediately before or after use. Do not allow the substance to touch any metal or metallic objects.

If you are taking prescription drugs, read the information that accompanies those drugs to ensure that there are no contraindications to any of the components detailed in the technical datasheet.
Are there any adverse effects?
The use of Ion Gel ZCM-25® on open wounds can cause a slight burning sensation. It is best applied around incisions or the wound area.

Formation of black scabs may appear in or around the application area, these are normal healing properties and will fall off naturally.
Can anyone use it?
The Ion Gel ZCM-25® has a high safety profile. However, it is recommended not to use this formula if you are pregnant or in children under 2 years of age.

Multiple tests carried out gave highly favorable results regarding the use of this topically as a medical device. Preclinical studies carried out in both animals and humans show a high safety profile of both its active components and the finished product.
What is your mechanism of action – MOA?
All outer cell membranes have a stable electrical microcurrent, called "membrane potential,” representing the difference in voltages between the inside and outside of the cell. When the cell membrane comes into contact with the ions, an alteration in the voltage of the membrane occurs, weakening it and causing it to rupture. Once the free ion has entered the cell, the metals act by inhibiting a series of biochemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes. In this way, vital processes can be impeded, and consequently, cell death occurs. Several recent studies demonstrate zinc’s ability to inhibit viral replication, immunomodulator, and as an antioxidant contributor in SOD production. The mechanism of action(s) of this compound supported with studies is believed to be:
MoA 1 - A nontoxic nutrient uptake to the aerobic cell, and a toxic overload to the anaerobic cell.
MoA 2 - Redox potential at a minimum of 450 Mv. reducing radical electrons and oxidation (inflammation)
MoA 3 - Antioxidant ORAC value of 1026 microM TE (oxygen radical absorbance capacity)
MoA 4 - Highly systemic pH of under 1 having ionic polarity movement in living species.
MoA 5 - Topical permeability dispersed through interstitial fluids and absorbed at the cellular level.
MoA 6 - Precursor to the production of the enzymatic version of Zn +2 Cu +2 Superoxide Dismutase.
MoA 7 - Increases the metabolic pathways of apoptosis and normal cell signaling.
MoA 8 - Mimicking reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species, and reactive sulfur species.
What are the active ingredients?
A Hexa-aqua ligand system having the cellular delivery of its cationic metals and ionic salts:

The Zinc cations (Zn+2) appears to increase the microbicidal activity of macrophages while limiting excessive inflammatory responses to the host. Adding the nutritional benefits that zinc brings to the immune system.

Cationic zinc maintains an exceptional profile as antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and a mediator of an inflammatory response. It reduces the formation of free radicals and decreases the production of cytokines. It has multiple inhibitory effects on biocidal activities, as in glycolysis and glucosyltransferase production, polysaccharide synthesis, transmembrane proton translocation, and acid tolerance. Zinc has an immunomodulatory activity that interferes with interferon regulation and increases its antiviral activity by acting as an ionophore. It increases its antiviral activity by inhibiting different viral replications.

The antagonistically balanced formula uses Zinc and Copper cations (Cu+2) that are used by macrophages in host defense strategies through various modes, including acute and delayed generation of reactive oxygen spec and as iron export as a means to limiting bacterial growth.

Cationic copper plays a crucial role in the synthesis and stabilization of skin proteins. This essential mineral plays a critical role in several physiological and metabolic processes. It contains a comprehensive spectrum as a potent biocide, and its effectiveness in this area has been exploited for centuries. Fungi, viruses and bacteria, both gram-positive and negative, including multi-resistant bacteria cannot process a copper overload.

Magnesium cations (Mg+2) have antibacterial activity, and a decrease in the bacterial adhesion capacity, avoiding the formation of biofilm, delivers APT to the cell. A multitude of known Mg benefits in cell pathway signaling. Cationic magnesium is a primary essential micronutrient in various biological processes. A topical administration of magnesium is one of the oldest forms of therapy for treating dermatological diseases.

Cationic Amine (NH4+) in the formulation supports amino acid production.

Sulfur in the form of a sulfate anion (HSO4-). Sulfur plays an essential role in the body and is necessary for the synthesis of specific vital proteins.

Cationic Hydrogen (H+) delivers the antioxidant benefits of hydrogen. Reduce Oxidative stress in the cell results from the robust oxidizing potential of excess reactive oxygen species (ROS) coming from hydrogen bonding.
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