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Manual de investigación del Ion Gel ZCM-25

julio 20, 2020
The Ion Gel ZCM-25 has a unique aqueous ligand transport system (Hexa-Aqua), which provides it a unique ability to introduce the ions into the cell. Ion Gel ZCM-25 has been proven to support the wound healing process. Its active ingredient with high redox potential increases the antioxidant effects through the reduction of reactive oxygen species […]

Capacidad de Absorción de Radicales de Oxígeno - Actividad ORAC de ION-ZCM1

agosto 16, 2018
Abstract Study Title: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - ORAC Activity of ION-ZCM1 Author: INDEVION Biotechnology Research and Development Ltd. Principal Investigator Dr. Zsolt Keresztessy, Ph.D. (2017). Methods: In this investigative study for the antioxidant capacity of the test compound, ION-ZCM1. Using the antioxidant capacity of oxygen radicals (ORAC) assay system (OxiSelectTM kit an assay of […]
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