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Estudio clínico de fase 1 del Ion Gel ZCM-25® en humanos

octubre 5, 2020
In the present study, the tolerability of the Class II Medical Device, Ion Gel ZCM-25 was evaluated after daily administration for 14 days, the dose of 0.5mL on the intact skin of the left arm of 20 healthy subjects of both sexes, according to the Authorized Research Protocol, NOM-177-SSA1-2013, NOM-012-SSA3-2012 for compliance with Good Clinical Practice and NOM-220-SSA1-2016 in compliance with Pharmacovigilance; as well as in compliance with current sanitary regulations in Mexico.

ION-ZCM1 está clasificado como una molécula pequeña

marzo 14, 2019
The Ion Gel ZCM-25® has a unique aqueous ligand transport system (Hexa-Aqua), which gives it a unique ability to enter the ions into the cell. Ion Gel ZCM-25® has been proven to support the wound healing process. Its active ingredient with high oxidative redox potential increases the antioxidant effects through the reduction of reactive oxygen […]
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